About Me


I’m Laura, a freelance makeup artist and blogger.

I thought long and hard about how I can bring my makeup work and blogging together to create my own little space on the internet, a space where I can just be me and bring all the things I am passionate about together and here I feel I’ve found it.

So where did it all begin…

My love of art has always been a powerful passion throughout my life, I was never the Barbie playing 6-year old kid that meticulously brushed their hair or tucked their dollies into bed every night. All I needed were my pencils and paper and I was in my element, I just LOVED to draw! I drew anything and everything, mainly cartoon characters and the countless hours I spent perfecting Angelica Pickles will always be ingrained in my memory. After a few years I became very experimental with makeup, occasionally pinching my mums lipstick and eye shadows which led me to plenty of makeup faux pas’ including ‘accidently’ over plucking my eyebrows (that never grew back…) that’s another story for another time! From this, I quickly learnt that makeup was also a form of art and a way to be creative and from there, my passion for makeup grew and grew and grew…

I qualified as a makeup artist in 2014 and since then have worked in Fashion, Media, TV, Film, Bridal and Occasion makeup. I have worked on London Fashion Week for Stella McCartney, The Ideal Home Exhibition, The Disney Channel and the BBC to name a few. My expertise in makeup is in Bridal and I have worked with so many lovely brides over the years. My belief is to enhance natural beauty but not compromise on style or individuality whilst making them feel beautiful and confident on their big day.

Alongside studying makeup I also set up my YouTube channel, my own platform for posting regular content about makeup and beauty and most recently all things mummy when we welcomed our gorgeous baby boy into the world in 2017. YouTube has created some fantastic opportunities working with brands such as Ann Summers on their Halloween campaign, creating Zombies with PAM makeup and even a live segment on BBC radio talking about my YouTube channel and SFX makeup, which was terrifying to say the least!

So now…

Much like my YouTube channel, I have grown and changed over the years but my passions are still the same. Today you will find blog posts and videos on all things beauty, makeup, lifestyle and most recently being a mum. So, if you’re interested in any of these you’re in the right place or if you’re looking for a makeup artist in the London/Essex area, then you’re in the right place too!